a work-in-progress

a statement that needs not be finished, polished,
nor definite, finite — like us, and like education,
this is a living, breathing idea that ebbs and flows.

this is a working document for the 21st century.


artists and activists are workers
artists and activists are educators


we are all teachers and learners

we honor and demand: compensate labor!
abolish old hierarchies, for they are no longer valid

institutions don’t own knowledge, they only promote it
institutions do not exist without the worker
we hold the knowledge, they hold a framework
we own our labor

education and the rights of educators are not commodities
knowledge is not a resource to stockpile
the value of exchange is no longer valid if education is only sold
acknowledge education as a universal human right

lifelong learning is a human right
we are forever learning

failure is necessary.
fail often, then start over
use failure as a point of origin

we find comfort in not knowing so we can learn more
know differently
share knowledge, be vulnerable, always be curious

knowledge has an opportunity for interchange:
instead of knowers and not knowers, there are only learners
what kinds of skills do we bring?

we question authority, even when we agree with them
we call in those we do not agree with
sharing — acknowledging — understanding

we contemplate, then we contemplate some more
we interrogate, dig through layers, pull things apart
dismantle, deconstruct. construct (again.)

the breath of the creator always present
system obstacles aimed at hindering creative breath
we affirm each other and conjure
our creative and collective energy to support one another

who are we if we do not look to the land, our ancestors, our galaxy?
who are we if we cannot breathe fully in all our living and creating?

we must rest

we must party
we must dance, sing, and celebrate while we educate

we rest to create

we party to create
we rest to innovate we party to innovate to refresh ideas and to initiate

we rest to innovate

we party to innovate to refresh ideas and to initiate

we taste, experience, what we know
we are no better than others

we practice radical care and radical love
we believe in and fight for revolutionary love