volume iii

volume iii | curriculum
committee for curricular thinking

volume iii will begin with the formation of a committee for curricular thinking, which brings together anastacia-reneé, isabelle cordero, natalia de campos, kariann fuqua, john ros. these artists and educators will engage in discussions on fine art learning in higher education which will converge into a credo or manifesto, which will serve as a foundational document. then, using this document as a starting point, committee members will extend invitations to collaborators who will join forces to develop innovative and experimental projects. these projects, along with ongoing discussions, will culminate in a pop-up exhibition and symposium featuring panel discussions, academic papers and talks centered around the theme of fine art curricula from a non-hierarchical, anti-racist, and decolonized perspective.

anastacia-reneé is a writer and educator in new york, ny; isabelle cordero is an artist, learner, and bfa canditate at smfa, tufts univerity in boston, ma; natalia de campos is a performance artist, activist, educator in new york, ny; kariann fuqua is an artist and instructional assistant professor of art and director of museum studies, university of mississippi; and john ros is an artist, curator and professor in new york, ny.

press release

she / they

writer + artist
new york, ny, us

isabelle cordero
she / he

artist + bfa candidate, smfa, tufts university
boston, ma, us

natalia de campos
she / her

artist + activist
new york, ny, us

kariann fuqua
she / her

artist + instructional assistant professor of art and director of museum studies at the university of mississippi
oxford, ms, us

john ros
they / them

artist + curator + professor
new york, ny, us

volume iii | artist collaborations

anastacia-reneé + keisha-gaye anderson
keisha-gaye anderson and anastacia-reneé will explore the “anti-manifesto” through poetry, sound, and abstract art using spiritual channeling as a bridge.

isabelle cordero + yaqi
isabelle and yaq plan to apply the idea of the educator as an interchange for horizontal skill exchanges. rather than a vertical skill exchange: a dynamic in which the educator holds all knowledge and the learner holds none. they plan on exploring models of horizontal skill exchange: when both parties share knowledge of equal value. research will result in a performance focused on subtle ways of dismantling subconscious hierarchies.

natalia de campos + united artists & activists union (uaau)
uaau artists will consider the newly formed credo generated from the committee on curricular thinking to develop pro-worker union performance actions focused on artists and activists are workers :: artists and activists are educators.

kariann fuqua + allison grant
this collaboration brings together the work of kariann fuqua and allison grant, two artists living in the american south who engage with the landscape, environmental catastrophe and parenthood through photographic representation, drawing, video and sound. both artists consider the incompressible scale of complexity that underpins ecology and late-capitalist systems of trade and communication.

john ros + erin genia
erin genia and john ros plan on looking through anti-hierarchical, de-colonized and institutionally critical lenses to build upon a newly written credo on pedagogy to create a series of performative gestures and physical interventions. together, the artists hope to further materialize thought and research into tangible moments of realization and contemplation.

press release

volume iii | 2023 — schedule

february – may 2023
committee work |

june – september 2023
committee + collaborations |

autumn 2023
symposium collaboration |