intermission museum of art | ima may-june 2022 ouroboros ayesha kamal khan + catalina tuca + joshua j. araujo + mariangela ciccarello curated by john ros

what intrigued the scholars were a series of symbols and drawings present alongside the greek text.  at a first glance they thought about the map of the cave mentioned in the text but when the manuscript was transferred to the institute of bsp the similarity between the illustrations of the myth and the engravings of the amoros stones became clear to all. a process of deciphering – still in progress- began, which has now allowed us to arrive at a first version of some of the inscriptions on the stones, present in this publication.

similar to the process which led to the interpretation of ancient egyptian hieroglyphics through the discovery of the rosetta stone, the first translation from the amoros stones into a human language has been done in ancient greek. below is a translation from ancient greek to english which a group of translators from different nationalities has been working on for the last several months.

before allowing you to navigate the text on your own, we would like to remind the reader that every translation is also and always an invention.

with our sincere wishes for a fluid experience,
the translators

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