intermission museum of art | ima may-june 2022 ouroboros ayesha kamal khan + catalina tuca + joshua j. araujo + mariangela ciccarello curated by john ros


I’ve been better since you disappeared
I dream better and drink a lot of water,
hydration is important
almost as much as self-certification.

The plaster in the void left by the body
devours negative space,
the wisdom of the walls
consumes my ears.

That blue to taste
not color but texture,
the distance and the horizon
they kiss like in Casablanca,
to pretend.

The dog has passionate eyes
to drive crazy the hesitant cactus,
it looks like me.

I’ll write to you tomorrow
I want to caress you with caution.


Pelagic fish from surface waters but not coastal
I catch them at noon
I caress them
on swollen legs
of salt and fatty acids
the angry feet
the teeming sex
looking into the abyss.

Stretched out I watch God appear on the horizon
all gold and drapes of light
“What a drama queen, mammamia”
I think without doing it on purpose
“they must be a Virgo,
they come at the same time every day.”

It is a system interference,
a déjà-vu,
the unfinished copy of a Renaissance painting.

I’ll be back tomorrow,
my appetite is returning
I’m going to play.

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